“Arbitration Training for Practitioners” organized by Istanbul Arbitration Center (ISTAC) for the members of Tüm Uzlaştırmacılar Derneği (the Association of Mediators) was held on 22 September 2018 at Bilgi University Santral Istanbul Campus. The aim of the training, which includes basic, theoretical and practical knowledge about the conduct of the arbitration process, was to give information to the attendees regarding the basic principles of arbitration proceedings, how to draft a valid arbitration agreement, how to conduct the proceedings and the role of an arbitral tribunal secretary.
Lawyers and practitioners who wanted to have experience in the field of arbitration and aimed a career in this field, to get basic knowledge and skills for being a tribunal secretary and to learn arbitration proceedings attended the course where Fatih Işık, the Founding Partner of Işık & Partners Law Firm, also participated as an instructor.
Fatih Işık has delivered a presentation entitled “The Tribunal Secretary in Arbitration and its Duties” and shared his knowledge and experience on tribunal secretary’s role, its assignment and its duties.