Istanbul Arbitration Center, as one of the leading actors in promotion of arbitration in Turkey, organized a series of arbitration counsel training courses for the lawyers who wish to act as counsel in arbitration proceedings.
Some of the courses were organized in collaboration with other institutions such as the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and were addressed to a significant number of attendees. In all of these courses, Fatih Işık, the Founding Partner of Işık & Partners Law Firm, acted as one of the instructors and presented the legal particularities of “Enforcement of Arbitral Awards and Post-Award Legal Remedies”.
In his presentations, Mr. Işık explained the scope of application of the Turkish International Arbitration Act and the Code of Civil Procedure, the legal framework for enforcement (in the sense of execution) of a domestic arbitral award, the principles underlying the provisions on enforcement and setting-aside of an arbitral award, the grounds for non-enforcement and setting-aside as well as the approach of the Turkish courts to these grounds.